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Schools and school children

Improve our school system so children can learn in a safe and supportive environment

Children are the lifeblood and future of any community. Heidi serves as the chair of the Youth Committee of Community Board 6 and has a history of accomplishment with the schools. Heidi believes in educating our students and then having positive peer pressure to improve. For example, Heidi helped the NYPD, Queens DA and Forest Hills High School establish the Criminal Justice Youth Project and Youth Court at Forest Hills High School. Heidi has worked with the schools to provide free classical music concert tickets and to encourage community service by students. Heidi has offered programs to parents on keep children safe on the internet and about the risks of gangs in the community. Heidi has stood with our parents to prevent a school from being situated within Halsey Junior High School


Heidi Speaks at PS 174 Graduation

On June 19th, Heidi was honored to deliver the commencement address to the graduates of the William Sydney Mount School (PS 174). Her message was commitment and service to the community - the credo that she has lived by in her years of service to you. We congratulate the graduates and their families, and wish them great success in their future endeavors.

Heidi Harrison Chain speaks at PS174 graduation ceremony.

As your councilmember, Heidi will fight to: