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July Update #2


Petitioning Success - and a THANK YOU!

We want to thank everyone who helped our campaign during these past 5 weeks. Thank you all - whether you carried or signed our petitions. After the hard work of our volunteers and campaign staff, we are thrilled to report that we obtained over 5 times the number of signatures required. We filed over 5,300 signatures with the Board of Elections!

We now move on to the next stage of our campaign and again we will need your help. We need volunteers to help us reach out to your neighbors, relatives and friends.

If you are willing to write a letter, make a phone call or visit with your neighbors, please let us know. Email us at heidichain@yahoo.com or call our campaign office at 718.544.0460.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of our campaign and to help bring new leadership to our community.



Heidi Chain

We can't afford politics as usual. Heidi is running with one thing in mind: our community. She is prepared to tackle the hard issues head-on and stand up for our real needs. So sign a petition, volunteer, and let us know what matters to you - together we can better our community.

We thank you for all your help!